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Introduction to SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is arguably the most difficult task for website creators. We make these awesome websites, and we have no solid way to share them with people. We also do not have the luxury of a massive marketing budget. Do not get too down on yourself. There is hope for the small developers like us. Google actively works to bring users to the best website for their search terms. That means Google loves websites with great content that are closely related to the user’s search terms.

Wait you say… Google seems to have a bias towards websites with a ton of links. In this world, it seems like the amount of links is all that matters. False! Granted, links are probably one of the most important metrics, but they do not hold the majority. Think about how much stuff users search for… millions of different terms. These big name websites obviously can’t cover all those terms. You have to find your niche. Mine, unfortunately, is crowded out by tons of developers that got the idea of creating a website for web development tutorials. No worries. You stand a much better chance than I do. Let’s take an quick look at what all factors into SEO.

SEO factors

  • Content
  • HTML
  • Architecture
  • Links
  • Social
  • Trust
  • Personal
  • Violations
  • Blocking

So basically, we have 7 topics that help your website’s SEO, and we have 2 topics that significantly hurt your SEO. SearchEngineLand.com drafted an amazing image “The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors” for all of us that do not fully understand SEO (no one really does besides the guys who create the search engine algorithms), which is pictured below. We will discuss all of these little elements as we move through the SEO tutorials.

SEO Ranking Factors


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