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Google WebSpam Team

What is the Google WebSpam Team you might ask? To be quite honest, they are like a secret group of Google Ninjas. They love to tease us and drop hints of sugary SEO goodness, but they always emphasize the importance of writing high quality content. The WebSpam team ultimately detects web spamming techniques, which isn’t all the sneaky. However, they apparently have access to the infamous Google algorithm. Therefore, it is a great idea not to make them angry by employing spamming techniques to attempt to gain a higher rank. You would probably guess that there are so many websites that Google just has to rely on algorithms, but you would be wrong. The Google Army even has WebSpam infantry that will manually hunt down spammers.

Ok, enough with the scare tactics. They are a really good resource if you are one of the good websites. You can use them like a good best friend with solid advice. Reading their blogs and watching their videos can provide additional insights on positive practices when trying to rank higher. Yes, they know all about SEO and trying to rank higher, which brings me to the lead Google WebSpam Ninja, Matt Cutts.

First off, let me explain that Matt is simply a genius. I don’t care how frustrated you might be with Google and how they rank websites, Matt is wickedly smart. Watch some of his videos and you can see his “academic” side, which is very similar to the attitudes and mannerisms of people in graduate school. He answers a ton of random questions from webmasters about SEO. If you use YouTube, try watching a few of his YouTube videos. Some of them are rather irrelevant to SEO or search engines in general. In fact, a recent one is him acting like a dinosaur, which is hilarious, but not exactly what I was looking for.

After watching a fair amount of his videos and reading some of the WebSpam Team’s blogs, you can get a good sense that they are not exactly out to ban your website. They are simply out there to promote the web. So, if you are looking for quick ways to boost your results in search engines and your website doesn’t add much content, you are fighting a losing battle. Personally, if that is the case, I don’t want you to win. The internet is the ultimate education and information resource that is something to be cherished not spammed. However, if you are instinctively looking to tell the world about your great new content, then by all means, harness the excellent resources from the Google WebSpam Ninjas. Matt Cutts is very interesting, and listening to him will be worth your time. If you don’t learn anything new, he has a sense of humor that will make you laugh anyway.

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