Terms of Use

Your Content

It is your responsibility as a user to be friendly at all times. Negative content posted by a person is grounds for termination on the very first instance. Suggestions and comments are appreciated as long as the content is in a positive light. Foul language is also grounds for termination. Kids are becoming inherently good at programming, let’s not spoil it for them. Images must also be appropriate for any audience. If you want to add to our content, you are free to submit articles using the contact form. You are free to seek commerical gain off the content you have sent us, and we will also perform copyright searches to help safeguard your content. However, submitted content can be used by us in any way with or without your permission (we just want to spread the knowledge).

Our Content

All of the content on this website is free to use anywhere, but cannot be used in any way to make a profit. This also includes stripping our content and putting ads on your website. If you intend to use AfterHoursProgramming.com’s content somewhere else, you must provide a link back to the source of the content. Content includes but is not limited to text, images, and code found on AfterHoursProgramming.com. Google is a perfect engine to catch offenders of this rule. We might contact authorities upon the discovery of content theft from AfterHoursProgramming.com without credit (hyperlink to source) or for a profit driven means.


The Terms of Use is subject to change at any time and without notice. The primary way to discover any changes would be to read this page on each visit.

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