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Alexa Rank

What is the Alexa rank and why you should care about it? Alexa is one of the top websites that rank the popularity of websites. While you can always see your own analytics using Google analytics, you have no way of knowing how you compare to other websites. Well, that is exactly where Alexa tries to come in. The Alexa rank can be used to compare your website’s popularity against others. However, Alexa has a few ways in how it tracks this rank. None of the ways are perfect, which means Alexa is not even close to being 100% accurate, but it does tell you more about your website than any other website can.

So, how do you get the magical number? One of the primary ways Alexa determines your rank is by using the data from users with the Alexa toolbar installed. Each time they visit your website, it will help your rank. So what are the other ways? They do not really give us any information. Alexa just says their rank is determined by the Alexa Toolbar and other “diverse traffic data sources”. So, how exactly do we increase our Alexa rank?

How to Increase Alexa Rank

Install the Alexa Rank Toolbar on your computers

According to Chrome, there are only about 250,000 people with the Alexa toolbar (Chrome Extension). Most of those users will be scattered across many different websites, so even installing the toolbar on all of your computers could help you. I believe that it tracks your computer’s IP address so downloading it for different browsers on the same computer is useless. Of course, you will need to visit your website on these different computers. Just installing the Alexa toolbar will not help unless you actually visit the website.

Ask your friends

I recommend asking your friends to install the Alexa toolbar on their computer. Even if you can only get 10 friends to install the toolbar, it will dramatically increase your Alexa Rank. Again, your friends need to visit your website often for this to work. But, that should not be a problem because your content is great they want to read it.

Ask your users

Finally, you might want to consider asking your users to install the toolbar to increase your Alexa Rank. I have this as the last option because it is an annoying burden to place on your users. If your users really love your content, they might be willing to install it to help you. However, I would not make this a highlight on your website as it seems desperate. Consider placing it after all of your content.

That wraps up a few of the best ways to increase your Alexa Rank. Remember it is pretty important for your website, but it is not the end of the world if you cannot get a great rank. But, I would invest some serious time into improving it. Good luck with your website and your Alexa Rank.

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