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After you have finished learning the basics of JavaScript, you should invest time in learning some of the popular frameworks in JavaScript. Before I get into my recommendation for frameworks you should learn, let me actually explain what a framework is. Previously, we just learned about jQuery, which is an addition to the JavaScript language once you include it. A framework, on the other hand, adds additionally functionality like a library, but it also forces you to code in a particular way.


After being in the professional developer world, we’ve focused mainly on AngularJS. I’ve fiddled with others like Backbone and Knockout, but in my personal opinion, Angular is the overall best once you get used to it. However, the learning curve is precisely the difficult part of Angular. There are various tutorials on learning angular and I encourage you to invest time in them as understanding a framework will help you better understand JavaScript’s role in application development.

Several of these frameworks, Angular included, seek to make your JavaScript code more maintainable and easier to work with. For example, Angular splits your JavaScript away from the html forcing you to place your JavaScript into a .js file and your html into an html file. Another thing the framework somewhat enforces is encapsulation of your JavaScript. If you have been fiddling around in JavaScript for a little while now, you might just have one giant file or JavaScript embedded on your html pages. Have you ever noticed that it’s pretty difficult to manage variables as they appear to be scattered all over your code? Unless you understand more advanced techniques in JavaScript, you probably have had several headaches resulting from variables being modified from all over the place. While Angular doesn’t strictly force you to stop coding in that manner, it passively suggests you to separate your JavaScript into more encapsulated sections.

Alright, I’ll stop babbling about how awesome Angular and JavaScript frameworks are.

Please, if you have some time, go out and adopt one of them and use it for your next project.

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