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Building Backlinks

Let’s face it, building backlinks is the most important marketing aspect of any website. Backlinks are like a popularity contest, and the site with the most votes gets showed the most often. I’m going to tell you now that building backlinks is also the hardest job of marketing a website. I have compiled a small list of useful ways to build backlinks that are still permitted by Google’s new algorithm update (Panda). Let’s get started.

Easy Ways to Build Backlinks

Comment Posting

This is also perhaps the most frustrating topic of all link building techniques. Why is it so frustrating? People have been ingrained with this idea that outbound links hurt there page rank, even though it isn’t exactly true. So, these blogs or whatever you are about to comment on usually implement a nofollow attribute on the links. So, how can you know what links are using nofollow without looking at the source code every time? Use this chrome extension.

Despite my tangent about hateful bloggers, there is still a lot of potential with comment posting. Typically, websites will allow you to post your website in a textbox above the comment you are about to write. All you need to do is put in your website and write a useful comment about the content that was in the blog article. That’s one free backlink

Forum Posting

Forums provide an even simpler way to link back to your own site. In a standard forum, you can create a profile. In that profile, you generally have the option of creating a signature that uses BBCode like [url=www.afterhoursprogramming.com] Some descriptive title about your website [/url]. After creating your signature, become active in the forum and craft useful posts about the various forum topics. Each time you post = 1 new free backlink.

More Difficult Ways to Build Backlinks

While the techniques below are more difficult, they are also more beneficial as they usually result in better links. You have the ability to control the content around your backlink.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a rather annoying new trend in building backlinks. However, it provides a useful weapon in your backlink building arsenal. Essentially, you just need to Google for “guest blogs” or “submit guest blog” to find various sites that allow you to submit articles that are related to your website (You can do that for us using the contact link at the bottom). The only big caution here is that you need to be sure the website’s are not gaming you for your content and not providing a backlink. So, be sure to include a real HTML link in your article.

Contact Websites

Another way to gain backlinks is to get involved with the community. Assuming your website provides similar content to another website, email the owner and ask them to give you a backlink. Of course, complimenting them on their website and offering to return the favor never hurts. However, I will say that it is rather annoying to receive these emails if the person requesting a backlink doesn’t already link to me!

Create Images/Videos

Sometimes, this isn’t really an option. Your content just might not be able to fit into videos, but at least try to be creative. If you can make a video, try hosting it on youtube and promoting your website. If not, you probably have images on your website. Try submitting those images to various websites in order to get more links to your website. Always try to find new ways to display your content and then see if you can build backlinks with them.

This is just a quick list of a few of the options you can use to build backlinks to your website. I cannot emphasis enough how important backlinks are if you want your website to be successful. However, you should always revisit your link building strategies to see which methods are working best for you.


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