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Online Coding Bootcamps

Online coding bootcamps offer a great opportunity to learn to code at home. Traditional coding boot camps typical involved brick-and-mortar classrooms and workshops. However, online programs allow you to practice and schedule times that are most convenient for you. Many of these programs are also free, allowing you to delve into coding at your own pace without committing thousands of dollars into tutoring. If you have always wanted to learn coding, the online programs can provide the essential tools needed to train at home. 

General Online Coding Courses  
1.  Code Academy  
Many people consider Code Academy the authoritative source for learning how to code for free. The school reports that over 24 million people have already learned coding basics through its interactive program. You can use Code Academy as a broad introduction to the most well-known coding topics (including HTML, JAVA, PHP, Python, and Ruby on Rails). One of the program’s best features is the opportunity learn by doing – simply type your practice code into the browser and see results instantly on the page. 

2.  Coursera  
Coursera is a major online learning library that offers over 1,000 courses from over 120 universities (on a variety of subjects). With Coursera, you can sign up for a free coding class and receive instruction from a real professor at a distinguished college or university. Some of the free Coursera subjects include Introduction to Programming, C programming language, and IoT programming. All courses are free, but you can also pay for a “Verified Certificate” to add to your resume or LinkedIn profile. 

3.  CodeWars  
CodeWars is an immersive, free online program that delivers intense training in the programming language of your choice. Modelled after a traditional Japanese  dojo  (formal training facility), this program features a series of games and challenges that become progressively harder the more you practice. The program organizes its challenges into  kata  (the Japanese word for practice through repetition) and lets you earn badges of honor as you complete each level. Use CodeWars to learn Haskell, Clojure, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and SQL

4.  Free Code Camp  
Feel like a kid at summer camp in the privacy of your home with Free Code Camp. This professional course offers over 800 hours of free coding instruction. Once you have mastered the basics, the camp provides hands-on, real-world experience by allowing you to write code for nonprofit organizations. Earn certifications in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or data visualization while making a difference in the lives of others with this free coding boot camp. 

5.  Intensive Introduction to Computer Science  
This intensive learning program offers crash-course training in C+, PHP, and JavaScript. Taught in a classical academic style, you can use these free video lectures to understand the basics of algorithms, software, hardware, and programming languages. The program also devotes special attention to coding in the real world (such as social media networks, homeland security, forensics, and cryptography). For those who feel most comfortable in a classroom or academic setting, this free resource is worth exploring. 

6.  General Assembly Dash Program  
If you prefer hands-on projects over classroom learning, the GA Dash program is ideal for you. From start to finish, this boot camp requires you to build a project as you follow step-by-step guidelines. This apprenticeship-style camp helps you learn practical skills that you can apply immediately to your personal or professional life. For example, one GA Dash tutorial features instructions on how to create and publish a Tumblr theme from scratch. 

7.  edX  
This online education center is a collaborative learning program that delivers free courses from the world’s most distinguished universities. With edX, you can take free computer science classes from UC Berkley, Harvard, MIT, and the University of Texas System (among others). With over 100 full-length courses in computer science, edX is a great resource for getting a solid foundation in the primary programming languages. 

8.  aGupieWare  
This program offers free, undergraduate-level training in computer science and coding. Structured as a rigorous boot camp, the program features three introductory courses, seven core subjects, and five elective options. This 15-course curriculum provides a well-rounded foundation in coding. By participating in this platform, you can immerse yourself in training specialties like swift programming, hacking, security testing, and Linux. Due to the supervision of professors from Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, and Columbia, this program has some of the best quality-control standards available online. 

9.  GitHub’s Free EBook Foundation  
GitHub is a web hosting and source code management (SCM) company. While most people associate GitHub with its premium hosting service, the company’s non-profit foundation offers one of the best free programming libraries online. With this resource, you can view or download eBooks on virtually any coding subject on your own time. 

10.  MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW)  
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) permits open access to its library of programming courses. Using this OpenCourseWare directory, you can view undergraduate and graduate coding classes at one of the most prestigious schools in the world without having to pay tuition. The library’s introductory-level courses include JavaScript, Python, and MATLAB. 

11.  HackPledge.org  
Hack Pledge is an alliance of experienced developers dedicated to mentoring the next generation of coders. To participate in the boot camp, you must first sign an online “pledge” agreeing to commit to learning the art of software development. After signing the pledge, you can receive access to programming lessons. Notably, this boot camp features exclusive lessons from Bram Cohen (founder of the file-sharing company BitTorrent). 

12.  Code Avengers  
If you are interested in an interactive or gamified approach to learning, Code Avengers fits the bill. This program offers a collection of 12-hour courses in coding mobile apps, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While many university programs assume some programming knowledge, Code Avengers offers a wide selection of classes for total beginners. In addition to offering courses for native English speakers, the program is also available in a variety of European languages (including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian). 

13.  HTML5 Rocks (Web Fundamentals)  
This program allows you to learn the hidden secrets of building modern websites and their mobile counterparts. As the brainchild of real Google developers, this camp gives you first-hand knowledge on how to create top-ranked mobile sites. Successful participants have gone on to become entrepreneurs and coding instructors. Because this program starts at the intermediate to advanced level, you may wish to take an introductory course on HTML5 first (in order to get the most out of this coding program). 

14.  Udemy  
Udemy is an online catalogue of both free and paid courses. Since the courses feature teachers from a variety of backgrounds, you should also check class reviews to ensure the best fit. Some of the most popular coding courses on this directory include mobile development, game development, and eCommerce site creation (also known as Programming for Entrepreneurs). 

15.  The Odin Project  
The Odin Project is an open-source program designed to help individuals jump-start their careers in coding. As a product of the Viking Code School, this platform offers the same rigorous, introductory boot camp in the form of a free curriculum. The project provides a solid foundation in the basic programming languages, including HTML, CSS, Git, JavaScript, and Ruby. In addition, the program includes workshops on how to get hired with your newfound and marketable skills. 

16.  Udacity  
Udacity offers free coding courses at all skill levels. In addition to its free library, the program allows you to earn “nanodegrees” entirely online. 

17.  HackerRank  
HackerRank is a community of over one million programmers who solve coding challenges to strengthen their developer skills. Users compete with each other to earn points and to secure a top spot on the HackerRank leader board. Ideal for intermediate-level programmers, this resource is a great way to drill existing skills while enrolled in an academic program. 

18.  BitDegree  
BitDegree offers interactive, gamified coding courses. If you enjoy “learning by doing,” these gamified courses can help you quickly absorb the basics of JQuery, HTML, SQL, PHP, and JavaScript. Remaining true to its name, BitDegree also offers real-world benefits. The program has partnered with businesses that recruit tech talent directly from the website. Along with strengthening your resume, the opportunity for future employment makes BitDegree worth giving a try. 

19.  UpSkill Courses  
UpSkill courses consist of progressive projects that gradually take you from the beginner to advanced level in coding. This free boot camp features portfolio projects that focus mainly on web development. As a result, the most popular free courses include WordPress plugin development, MySql, Bootstrap, and HTML5. If you have zero coding experience, UpSkill is an excellent place to receive practical training with just the right pacing. 

20.  Code.org  
Code.org features how-to tutorials that take just one hour each day. The goals of the boot camp are to make coding a standard part of any education (on par with reading and arithmetic), to simplify teaching methods so that students remain with the program, and to increase coding literacy among female and minority students. Over 25 percent of U.S. students have created an account on the site, enabling access to the hour-long tutorials or group lab projects. 

21.  Code Conquest  
If you feel entirely clueless coding and programming, Code Conquest may help alleviate your fears. This boot camp starts at the absolute beginner level by answering the question, “What is coding?” By explaining the basics in the simplest way possible, this website can help you make an informed decision on which programming language to learn and how to use it in your everyday life. 

22.  A List Apart  
A List Apart is an interactive, online magazine that contains free e-books, website design instructions, and coding tutorials. You can also read contributing articles from veteran web developers, and the site creators host in-person meetups in various U.S. cities. 

23.  Codeasy.net  
Codeasy is a complete immersion boot camp in which you learn coding by working your way through an adventure story. First, register for the site at the beginner or intermediate level. Once you register, the site introduces a futuristic adventure game in which you have to use programming skills to fight machines and get to the next level. The adventure story starts with the modern programming language C# and then gradually progresses to more advanced coding. 

24.  Hack Design  
Hack Design offers a free catalogue of books, games, video tutorials on coding. With this course, simply sign up to receive a free coding lesson each week. Experts curate web-based resources and then allow you to learn at your own pace using the weekly content. 

25.  CodeSignal  
CodeSignal helps you sharpen your coding skills by competing with other participants for potential programming jobs. Formerly known as CodeFights.com, this site lets you solve coding problems in real-time to impress recruiters. The program follows a gamified structure to prevent monotony and boredom. In addition to the chance at employment, the best coders can go on to participate in tournaments. 

26.  SoloLearn  
As the name implies, SoloLearn allows you to learn coding on your own time using a free download or your mobile device. But the boot camp takes individual learning to the next level by hosting a social network of other independent, motivated learners. This platform features quizzes and discussion boards to keep you on track. 

27.  The Code Player  
For those who enjoy classic games and interactive walk-throughs, The Code Player is a solid choice. This program uses video tutorials to teach the most common programming languages from start to finish. 

28.  Bento.io  
Learn to code for free and become a self-taught developer using your Facebook or Google account. This database includes over 100 developer topics, and the Google aggregate keeps you posted on which programming languages are the most trending. 

29.  Scotch.io  
This broad-themed coding platform lets you learn web development and programming using tutorials, videos, and mini-courses. You can also use this free resource to learn structure and workflow necessary to start your own coding business. 

30.  Hackr.io  
This free database is one of the largest programmer-curated resources on the web. You can use this website without registration. Simply enter your desired topic into the search box and find tutorials, e-books, and classes listed in order of expert recommendation. 

31.  W3Schools  
W3schools.com is one of the oldest continuously operating platforms for learning to code, and it is also the world’s largest. This platform offers thorough tutorials on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, servers, website creation, and XML. In addition to the tutorials, the references and numerous real-world examples makes this platform one of the most frequented tools on the web. 

32.  Coderbyte  
Coderbyte allows you to learn coding and algorithms entirely by practice. With its database of over 200 coding problems and solutions, Coderbyte is a valuable resource for the intermediate coder. You can also use the site to practice for programmer job interviews and to attract the attention of hiring organizations. 

33.  Microsoft Virtual Academy  
Master your developer skills through Microsoft’s curated course library. This academy features course pathways for some of the most exciting skills in programming, including game development, visual studios, and cloud development. The academy also has a special training section exclusively for beginners. 

34.  Edabit  
If you like the idea of using Duolingo or Rosetta Stone to learn foreign languages, you will more than likely enjoy using Edabit to learn to code. Edabit features miniature, interactive coding lessons that simulate how you might use coding in real scenarios. Use this resource to practice JavaScript, PHP, Python, or Swift. 

35.  Launch School Open Book Shelf  
This open library of free programming textbooks is a great way to supplement any coding boot camp. Use these free books to learn the basics of the most important languages, including the Command Line, GitHub, SQL, and Ruby on Rials. Each book is simple enough for beginners, and you can access the full library without downloading or registration. 

YouTube Coding Resources  
36.  LearnCode.academy  
LearnCode.academy features organic videos from IT educator Will Stern. The channel features free, intensive tutorials on coding languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. There are also design tutorials for crafting your own website as well as career advice on how to become a professional developer. With well over 30 million views, this channel is a popular source for coding playlists and guidance. 

37.  The New Boston  
This channel is famous for uploading daily videos on the most cutting-edge coding topics. You can use this channel to learn video game development, programming languages, website design, and network design. With over two million subscribers and nearly half-billion video views, this channel is also a good way to network with like-minded programmers. 

38.  Derek Banas  
Derek Banas is an IT consultant who offers a personalized approach to learning to code on YouTube. Not only does he create coding tutorials upon requests, but he hosts live streaming sessions to help you fine-tune your programming skills. Visit this channel for a free introduction to programming Android, Python, JavaScript, HTML, and others. 

39.  ProgrammingKnowledge  
ProgrammingKnowledge is an excellent way for beginners to start learning coding. The channel’s playlists provide step-by-step guidance without requiring any background in programming or software. Working your way through these free playlists is a great way to get a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced study. 

40.  Treehouse  
As the official YouTube channel of the Treehouse coding school, this channel provides a simplified introduction to most programming languages. Most notably, Treehouse features dozens of “Live Coding” tutorials that are nearly two hours in length each. Although most of the live sessions occurred in 2017, you can still access each of these valuable tutorials indefinitely on YouTube. 

41.  Kudvenkat  
Venkat Kud is a software engineer who offers detailed tutorials Microsoft.NET technologies in both English and Arabic. You can also use this channel as a resource for learning to code C# and SQL servers. 

42.  CSS-Tricks  
Chris Coyier is a web developer who uses CSS-Tricks to teach HTML, PHP, and SaaS with easy-to-understand videos. If you are looking for playlists that explain coding in layman’s terms, this channel is an excellent choice for you. 

43.  Mike Locke  
Mike Locke is a senior UI/UX designer with over 20 years of experience in the field. You can use this channel for personable tutorials on XHTML, CSS, and UI visual design. In addition, the channel provides insight on complementary skills (such as Adobe Illustrator) and well as career advice on how to become a UX designer. 

44.  Adam Khoury  
Adam Khoury is a professional coder who teaches multimedia flash topics such as JavaScript, PHP, and SQL. In addition to coding tutorials, his channel also offers quizzes and open discussions. 

45.  DevTips  
DevTips is one of the most popular YouTube channels for intermediate and advanced-level coders. As the brainchild of Google employee Travis Neilson, this channel features over 200 videos on advanced CSS and HTML. The channel also includes guest interviews and links to additional resources. 

Blogs for Learning Coding  
46.  David Walsh  
As a senior developer at Mozilla Firefox, David Walsh uses his extensive programming knowledge to provide up-to-date tutorials. You can use this blog as a well-rounded approach to learn JavaScript, API applications, Node.js, and other coding skills. 

47.  Softwarehow  
This highly rated blog contains how-to tutorials, reviews, and free downloadable tools to help you learn to code quickly. 

48.  SitePoint  
SitePoint features free learning hubs that teach you the basis of coding. Each hub uses a “learning path” that progresses from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Popular coding topics include blockchain, user experience (UX), HTML and CSS, and JavaScript. While the free resources are more than enough for an extensive boot camp, the blog also includes an exclusive discount if you decide to use the premium website. 

49.  Tuts+  
This blog features thousands of free tutorials, articles and videos. Although the free how-to tutorials keep most coders occupied for weeks, Tuts+ also offers a premium monthly subscription for enrollment in online courses. 

50.  CSS-Tricks  
The CSS-Tricks blog is a companion to the popular YouTube channel. Among the most important features of this blog is the free CSS  almanac  that offers a straightforward dictionary reference for coders. Beginners can also use the  CSS snippet  tool that allows you to practice simple coding exercises directly on the website screen. 

Online Coding Bootcamps – Programming Specialties  

The Command Line  
51.  Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous  
In this free tutorial, IT educator Michael Hartl takes you step-by-step through the nuts and bolts of the Unix command line. This tutorial assumes no prior knowledge and includes helpful tips and diagrams. As a graduate of the California Institute of Technology, Hartl also provides exercises and problem set solutions found in the curricula of the nation’s leading computer science programs. 

52.  Command Line Power User  
This free boot camp is an intensive video course for intermediate and advanced-level courses. If you already have a foundation in the Unix command line and want to learn more tools of the trade, this is the course for you. 

53.  Conquering the Command Line  
This free, full-length textbook by Mark Bates is the ultimate guide to the Unix command line. Keep this reference handy for an in-depth look on how to become a competent developer. 

54.  Viking Code School Command Line Crash Course  
This self-guided course is an excellent way to complete a Unix command line boot camp online. In addition to the basic training course, you can sign up for free prep work in other coding languages. 

55.  Learn the Bash Command Line (Ryan’s Tutorials)  
Ryan’s Tutorials provide extensive Unix training within the format of a personal tutoring website. 

Git and GitHub  
56.  Git Immersion  
Git Immersion is a complete tour that guides you through the key aspects of this coding control system. Register for the tour, set up notification preferences, and immediately begin working on projects to learn how to code. 

57.  Try Git  
Try Git is a sweeping library of resources with something for everyone. Whether you are an audio learner, visual learner, or hands-on leaner, this site has a wealth of resources to keep you on the right track. If you excel at learning through reading or study, this site includes a complete handbook as well as quick-reference cheat sheets. Those who prefer learning by doing can download commands and start practicing. The site also includes a learning lab and professional training. 

58.  Atlassian Git Tutorial  
This open guide to Git is an excellent resource for beginners. 

59.  GIT-SCM  
The curated resource from software engineers Scott Chacon and Ben Straub includes free books, videos, and downloads on how to use Git controls. 

HTML and CSS  
60.  HTML5 Dog  
Many people start learning to code with HTML (as it is one of the most recognizable languages). HTMLDog offers tutorials, essential techniques, problem-set examples, and free references. You can  choose  from among beginner, intermediate, or advanced courses to get started. 

61.  Learn-HTML.org  
This free, interactive website includes an output window that helps you learn coding every step of the way. 

62.  Marksheet.io  
MarkSheet is an open e-book that includes downloads and examples on each of the following four units: HTML on the internet, HTML5, CSS3, and Sass. 

63.  Mozilla Developer Network  
This curated resource from Mozilla Firefox provides quick access to some of the best tutorials and references on writing HTML. Any intermediate or advanced web developer should explore this search tool to hone the craft. 

64.  ShayHowe  
ShayHow features rigorous, step-by-step tutorials on how to build complete websites. If you want to go beyond using someone else’s template and learn how your website truly works from the back-end, this is the resource for you. Learn everything from building your first web page to adding images and media and creating a responsive design. 

65.  ILoveCoding.org  
Modeled after a traditional boot camp, this free resource challenges you to learn HTML and CSS in 14 days. With its full beginner curriculum, the course promises to give you the tools to create a great-looking personal or business website from scratch. 

66.  JavaScript.com  
If you know nothing about JavaScript, this interactive tool lets you practice simple script to get started. The site also includes  further reading  once you are ready for more advanced study. 

67.  Watch and Code  
As the name suggests, Watch and Code is a straightforward way to learn JavaScript by watching the experts and following suit. These practical video tutorials guide you from beginner to expert level, and the course includes weekly live study sessions to keep you motivated. 

68.  JavaScript for Cats  
JavaScript for Cats is a full-length e-book that you can read online without downloading. Written for new coders, it features manageable sections that are easy for a beginner to understand. 

69.  Eloquent Javascript  
This full-length reference book is the ultimate guide to JavaScript programming. Sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation and Hack Reactor (the most reputable coding school and boot camp), this textbook is a must-have companion for anyone learning to code this language. 

70.  NodeSchool  
NodeSchool offers free, open-source tutorials that you can learn on your own time. If you prefer in-person workshops, the site includes a directory of free lessons hosted around the world. 

71.  Learn JavaScript  
This interactive website lets you type and practice code on the same page of any lesson. 

72.  WordPress.tv  
This video library is the perfect resource for people unable to attend coding workshops in person. It is an archive of WordCamp (WordPress boot camp) lectures recorded from around the world. 

73.  WPBeginner  
This website is the ultimate guide to WordPress for beginners. It includes an essential  glossary  for novices as well as video tutorials and how-to guides with examples. 

74.  Learn.WordPress.com  
The official companion to WordPress.org is an underrated resource for coding training. It features step-by-step tutorials as well as the newfound  Blogging University  that teaches you to develop and customize a personal site. 

75.  WordPress Codex  
WordPress Codex is a full-length manual on how to get started with this content management system (CMS). From concept (“What is blogging?”) to execution (how to troubleshoot PHP, MySQL, and plugins), this is an invaluable resource for anyone serious about building a WordPress site. 

76.  LearnPython.org  
LearnPython.org is a free, interactive tutorial from the makers of DataCamp. Use this fun tool to write code on the screen as you work your way through beginner lessons. 

77.  Google’s Python Class  
Google’s Python Class is a free boot camp for individuals with existing programming knowledge who want to branch out into Python. If you are an intermediate or advanced learning who wishes to add Python to your resume, this is your opportunity to get started with the leaders of the field. The course includes free downloads and guidance from several Stanford computer science professors. 

78.  A Byte of Python  
This free, online e-book is perfect for absolute beginners. You can read it entirely in your browser or download the PDF for future reference. 

79.  Learn Python the Hard Way Online Course  
This web course is the online companion to Zed Shaw’s classic text on Python development. While the original textbook costs money, you can complete the entire online course for free. The site includes numerous exercises as well as links to additional resources. 

Ruby on Rails  
80.  Learn Ruby the Hard Way  
Like the online course on Python, this free Zed Shaw e-book is the online companion to his textbook on Ruby on Rails. This online course teaches the core fundamentals of Ruby and includes exercises to provide you with a strong foundation. 

81.  RubyMonk  
Ruby Monk feature free, interactive tutorials from C42 Engineering, a boutique software firm. With beginner to advanced boot camp options, this site lets you test and run code directly on the screen. 

82.  Ruby In 20 Minutes  
This detailed guide from the official Ruby website is a great way for beginners to practice every day. It provides all fundamental definitions written in manageable sections that you can read in 20 minutes or less. 

83.  Learn Ruby Online  
Learn Ruby Online is a interactive website that lets you run code directly on the page as you complete each lesson. 

84.  Rails Tutorial  
Like his book on the Command Line, Michael Hartl’s free Ruby on Rails Tutorial is a complete online textbook with diagrams and exercises. Each chapter of the e-book also includes links to numerous helpful resources. 

85.  Rails for Zombies  
This 10-day boot camp allows you to practice Ruby directly in your browser without any setup or configuration. Due to its endorsement from the official Ruby website, it is one of the most popular ways to learn web-application framework quickly. 

Data Science and Data Analysis  
86.  DataQuest  
This hands-on resource provides free courses that help train you to become a data analyst, data scientist, or data engineer. With mentoring from real-world professionals, this site allows you to construct projects within your own browser for review. 

87.  EliteDataScience  
This straightforward resource has an index of complete guides, worksheets, cheat sheets, and other tools to learn data analytics directly online. 

88.  Springboard  
Springboard offers beginners a free introduction to data analysis and machine learning with no prior knowledge necessary. After logging in with a Google account, you have access to free lectures, homework assignments and solutions, and group projects. 

89.  DataCamp  
If you are already in the process of learning data analytics, DataCamp has a free online editor that lets you code in Python and R. 

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)  

90.  Machine Learning Mastery  
This site is the premier way to discover machine learning entirely from scratch. As the brainchild of Dr. Jason Brownlee, this site features a  free crash course  as well as other online programming tools. 

91.  Learn With Google AI  
As part of Google’s initiative to increase awareness about artificial intelligence, this resource features everything from free tutorials for beginners to continuing-education courses for veteran professionals. 

92.  MIT Deep Learning  
MIT teaches this free online course on machine learning by using the real-world application of self-driving cars. 

93.  U.S. Department of Homeland Security Free Online Learning Portal  
The Department of Homeland security offers an entire database of free online courses to train aspiring cybersecurity professionals. If you are willing to make the trip, you can sign up for in-person events in Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

94.  Sans Cyber Aces Online  
Sans Cyber Aces offers free, comprehensive courses on information security. This open courseware is one of the most recommended resources to prepare for professional SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network and Security) certifications. 

95.  Open Security Training  
This free resource offers intermediate and advanced training on forensics, cellular security, and processor vulnerability in national systems. 

96.  Future Learn: Introduction to Cyber Security  
This free course helps you understand the basics of cybersecurity to protect yourself personally and professionally. The course has multiple accreditation from the GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) and IISP (Institute of Information Security Professionals) to ensure that you receive the best education possible. 

97.  Heimdal Security’s Cyber Security Course for Beginners  
This five-week course offers free training on cybersecurity basics, threat protection, and cyber-attack prevention. 

98.  Cybrary  
This crowd-sourced library of cybersecurity tutorials lets you choose from a host of internet technology topics. Whether you are interested in forensics, malware, cryptography, or IT intelligence, Cybrary’s catalogue of courses can help you hone your skills. You can also filter search results to find courses ranging from the beginner to professional level. 

99.  O’Reilly Free Security Ebooks  
Rather than spending hundreds on security textbooks, get foundational knowledge with this collection of free, full-length security books. Whether you want to discover more about docker security, the dark web, or the increasing endangerment of personal privacy, this library of free books is a valuable resource for any learner. 

Mobile App Development  
100.  Google Developers Training  
Google offers this self-paced course for new coders to learn how to build apps on Android systems. If you are an experienced coder, you can also sign up to earn a “nanodegree” and create a portfolio of apps to sell on Google Play. 

101.  Mobile Developer’s Guide to The Galaxy  
In this free e-book download, over 20 veteran mobile app developers share tips on how to build your app from prototype to finish. For further reading, you can find related texts on the  Free Tech Books  website. 

102.  Android Developers  
The official Android developer site offers a straightforward guide on how to create your first mobile application. Choose from among coding lab tutorials and full-length training courses. 

103.  Start Developing iOS Apps  
This official Apple documentation archive contains a wealth of resources on how to build a mobile app that works on iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices. 

104.  Swift Playgrounds  
This free iTunes app lets you build and run code in 3D prior to launching your finished app in the iTunes stone. 

105.  Alison App Development  
Alison.com is a massive curation of professional development courses. This resource is a great way to take free mobile development classes on both Android and Apple. 

UI/UX Design  
106.  UX Beginner  
This free resource offers inspiration for those considering the transition into a UI/UX design career. The site includes a glossary of terms, a free weekly subscription, and a reference list for more in-depth study. 

107.  The Gymnasium  
The Gymnasium offers free online courses for time-strapped professionals exploring an alternative in UI/UX design. This is a great way to acquire in-demand skills without quitting your day job. 

108.  MockPlus Tutorial  
MockPlus Tutorials allow you to learn UI/UX design through trial and error. Since a UI/UX design career is a unique hybrid of technology and art, this opportunity to practice before starting an official project is a valuable tool for any beginner. 

109.  UXPin  
This online studio offers free e-books on how to build prototypes, conduct wireframing and usability testing, draw mockups, and other essential skills for a UX design career. 

110.  The Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction  
This free volume is the definitive guide to user experience and user interface design. Within its 52 chapters, you can discover how UI/UX applies to everything from social networks to personal care goods.

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