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PHP works on the Server Side (on the server hosting the website).

How PHP works

A single PHP file is like using magic on a webpage. In HTML, you have a standard page that is sent to anyone that visits your website. With PHP, you can dynamically change the page based on each individual user. Honestly, learn PHP and put it to the test. You will be extremely impressed with what an open source programming language can accomplish. I am not going to tell you that PHP is the best server side language that is out there, but it is the best for a tight budget or a beginner (Sorry, after coding with ColdFusion, I can no longer say PHP is my favorite).

What exactly does PHP do?

It can create custom content based on different variables

It is excellent at tracking user information

It can write or read information to databases, if partnered with a database language

It can run on any type of platform and servers

It can do anything a standard HTML file can… and much more

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  1. This was my first exposure to PHP. I’m not sure I like it as well as Python, but it seems like more web hosts allow server-side scripting woth PHP than Python, so I think it is good to learn. This was a nice, painless introduction.

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