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Learn to Code for Free

In recent years, coding has taken a huge popularity in the job market. There are tons of jobs that are in need of coders and they are willing to pay the big bucks to get you on their team. In order to code, you must be able to understand technology and all the lingo associated with it. There are plenty of different resources to help you learn how to code for free in your own spare time apart from afterhoursprogramming.comHere are some of the best websites and resources that you can use to help you learn to code for free. 

1. Codecademy 

Codecademy is one of the very first website that appears when you type “learning to code for free” in Google’s search engine. They are one of the most popular websites for coding online and it’s easy to see why. Their platform for teaching you how to code involves interactive learning. You can read a little bit of the lesson and actually complete the codes that are require in real time, right there in the browser window. You can also see the results of your code immediately, so you will know first-hand if your code was correct. Codecademy offers a lot of different coding lessons including lessons for HTML, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and The Command Line. 

2. Code 

Code is a non-profit organization that is trying to help expand access to computer science in schools. This is a leading website for helping those in grades K-12 learn how to code. This is a great resource for those who are wanting to go into the computer science pathway and they are looking for a way to start. Since there are so many different jobs in computer science, Code’s philosophy is to help our children get a head start in this field to hopeful fill some of these computer science jobs and help change the way we view computer science. Code also offers a quick Hour of Code tutorials for free, which is helpful for those who are not actually sure if they really want to go into coding or not. They are supported by big name corporations, such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. They teach many coding courses, including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more. 

3. freeCodeCamp 

freeCodeCamp is an online coding school that teaches the skills need for coding through its own curriculum. There are 800 hours total coding hours that have to be completed in order for you to pass the coding class. This website gives you hands-on experience by letting the student work for projects that are needed by non-profit organizations. These learners get to experience the ways that their codes will work in real time. These coding lessons will also look really impressive and help the student’s resume stand out more when they are looking for their first official coding job after they are certified. freeCodeCamp offers certifications in many different types of coding, the most popular being data visualization, DevTools, QA Testing, React, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

4. Udemy 

Udemy is a coding school that offers free programs as well as paid programs. On Udemy’s website, it is possible for anyone to become an instructor. It is really important that you read the reviews of these instructors so that you are sure that you are getting an instructor that is really knowledgeable in the coding subject. They have a wide variety of coding courses available, including those needed for business management, personal development, marketing and photography. Udemy also offers many sales on their courses throughout the year and coupon codes are often available as well to get the best deal on your paid classes. There is also a coding app that is offered through Udemy as well. These website teaches many different coding lessons, including the most popular ones in the coding spectrum today. 

5. SoloLearn 

SoloLearn offers coding courses that can accommodate every type of learner. Those who have different learning styles can get what type of class they need in order to code the way they will in the job force. They offer crowd-learning courses, in which you learn to code in bit-sized lessons along with fun practice sessions that are guaranteed to keep you focused. They also offer classes that learn by doing, meaning you will have practice sessions during the course wherever it is possible. When you master the task at hand, you will then reinforce the task by testing yourself with fun and hands-on practices and interactive quizzes. SoloLearn offers unbound learning, which is when you can go at your own speed on your own time. This is wonderful for those who are already somewhat skilled at coding or are just faster learners than everyone else. And with the learning by playing option, everything is just a game! You will earn points and unlock levels all while learning to code and competing against your classmates from around the world. SoloLearn is available for free on a mobile app or on your laptop and they offer many different types of coding lessons. 

6. Codesters 

Codesters is an online coding platform for students that combines fun and learning all together. The platform offers built-out coding lessons, meaning that you can teach coding during the school day and still be able to integrate coding into your already made lesson plans. In the coding platform, students will create interactive projects in Python, which is a really popular coding platform for younger and beginner coders. Students will use Codesters’ unique drag-to-text toolkit and guidelines in order to create the code that they want. While doing this, they will see interactive animations and sprites. Codesters prides themselves on creating teachable lessons to get teachers to teach coding in the classroom and get computer science into the everyday classroom more often to enhances academic classes and mathematical concepts such as statistics, probability and geometry. 

7. GA Dash 

The General Assembly has created a free online learning coding platform in order to incorporate more availability to coding for the general public today. This learning platform is completely project-based. This means that you are building your project from the moment you put in your first code. There is a walkthrough type lesson as you are coding, which makes this a great option for those learners who are more hands on than others. Learning to code on GA Dash will teach you your code in real time and they are one of the only coding websites that teach you how to build different themes for social media sites, such as Tumblr, from scratch. They offer several different coding lessons and courses. 

8. Coderbyte 

Coderbyte is another great resource for those learners who need to learn a skill hands-on. This learning platform helps your coding skills by teaching you the basics of coding in various programming languages and helps you build up your newly learned coding skills with different challenges that incorporate different types of code. There are over 200 different coding challenges for you to complete. Coderbyte also offers tutorials in several popular types of code, including JavaScript, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS, and more. The questions that are often asked on the challenges are some potential questions that might be asked of you if you were to interview with companies like Google or Microsoft. 

9. Code Conquest 

Code Conquest is an online coding guide that is completely free and is really awesome for beginners. This website offers step-by-step information, which is a really great feature for those, like myself, who like to write things down step-by-step and do things in order. Code Conquest offers courses that will introduce you to coding, give you the opportunity to take free coding tutorials, and let you also take quizzes to help you test what knowledge that you have learned. Code Conquest offers tutorials and knowledge quizzes in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Swift, Python, Ruby and more. This website is your one stop shop for everything coding that you can possibly think of! 

10. CodeCombat 

CodeCombat is a platform that helps students learn computer science through coding. The students will write code and watch their code come to life in real-time, all while they think that they are just playing a game. This online platform is designed with teachers in mind, hoping to help them incorporate the use of computer science daily in their classrooms. The students are immediately typing coding from the beginning of the first level. This helps to get the students critically thinking as quickly as possible to get proper structure and syntax happening fast. The coding is taking place in the form of a game in order to help the students stay focused and motivated. CodeCombat rewards the “productive struggle” of different games. This is the struggle that results in a learning experience that is engaging and motivating. 

11. Bento 

Bento is a platform that is described as a “self-taught” area for those who are learning to code as they go. Bento is on a mission to help ensure that everyone that wants to be able to code, can code to the best of their ability. This online resources is chalked full of different web development topics, well over a hundred different ones. They offer different tutorials to learning how to code quickly and easily. They have structured them into a different standardized curriculum, one that is easy to understand and is free to the student. Becoming a code developer has never been so easy than just using the Bento website. 

12. Microsoft Virtual Academy 

You can’t mention computer science without mentioning Microsoft. Microsoft’s Virtual Academy has different learning paths that are all free for anyone to learn to code. These courses are designed to help build the skills needed to code properly by video tutorials, demos, and quizzes. Microsoft also takes the resources a step further by offering you free access to different e-books, downloadable helpful guides and a community forum to get support from if you are frustrated with coding or just need advice on your code. There are several learning paths that are available including, MEAN stack, SQL, Azure, and HTML. Microsoft also makes it really easy to track your coding progress and earn certificates of the courses that you have completed. 

13. Learn Java 

There are several coding resources that are just specific to one type of code. Learn Java is one of these resources. Learn Java offers different learning chapters to get you to code in JavaScript quickly and easily. When you go to the website, there are several chapters that you can choose from, meaning that this would be a perfect starting point for a JavaScript beginner. The class begin with an introduction to JavaScript and then quickly moves on to variables and types, conditionals and other basics associated with JavaScript. Learn Java also offers different types of advanced topics such as Abstract Classes, Collections, and Inheritance. There is a window that appears at the bottom of the screen so you can see how your code works in real-time. 

14. Khan Academy 

Khan Academy has the philosophy that anyone, anywhere can learn the ins and outs of coding easily by providing them with free coding education. Khan Academy has specialized learning resources that are personalized to your learning style. Khan Academy offers practice exercises and videos that are paced so that learners can study on their own time. Khan Academy offers programs in math, science, computer programming, history, economics and much more. This will help you identify which coding areas are your strengths and where there are some learning gaps in your ability to code. Khan Academy is a learning resource for all ages and for everyone in your family. You will learn how to code in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and many more advanced versions of these codes. 

15. The Code Player 

The Code Player is an online learning resource that offers different tutorial videos for learning how to create code. This would be an awesome learning tool for those who are more visual learners instead of more hands-on learners. With The Code Player, you will learn codes with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Regex, and JQuery. The projects that are associated with The Code Player are smaller than some that are offered on the other learning resources, making it the perfect starting point for beginners. 

16. HTML.com 

HTML offers a free online tutorials that are tailored to learn web designs and coding to your personal learning style. This is a really great learning resource for those who are just learning coding for the first time. The beginner courses are the most popular on the website, with subjects including HTML tables, links, forms, fonts, and images. HTML also offers tutorials for those who are more skilled at HTML than a beginner with intermediate and advanced tutorials as well. This learning resource can truly cater to everyone who wants or needs to learn more about coding. You will also learn about HTML reference tags that are popular for getting a more detailed code on your projects. 

17. W3Schools 

W3Schools is the world’s largest web developer site. They want to continue their overall growth by offering free coding tutorials and giving reference materials for those who are interested to help grow the field of web programming. The online resources offers different tutorials about coding and gives you the option to test your skills with different quizzes and exercises to make sure you are entering in your code correctly. You can complete these exercises and quizzes using the online editor that is offered through their website. W3Schools offer many different choices for coding tutorials, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and many others. This is a really great starting point for those who want to get their foot in the door with coding. 

18. EdX 

EdX is a higher education program that was created and governed by MIT and Harvard. This is a credible online resource for learning how to code online for free. EdX offers over 100 different coding courses that are personalized to your learning style and will help you learn the proper way to code. EdX will teach the different coding languages of HTML, CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. These coding classes are for many different levels or learning from beginner to advance. 

19. LearnPython.org 

This is a really great tool to learn python in a hands-on way. This coding technique is interactive and you can watch your code come to life in real-time. There is a little window at the bottom of the website where your code is written out as you are going through the lessons that you are working on at the time. There are different tutorials for those who are just learning how to code python and those who are know how to code python already, but are looking for more advanced code to add to their original coding techniques. 

20. Code Avengers 

Code Avengers is a great individual online learning resource for those who are interested in coding. There are instructors that are available to not only teach you the ins and outs of coding, but to also offer support to instructor led and self-directed learning. Code Avengers offers Code Camps that teach students basic coding and creative problem solving skills. These camps are about two to five days long and you will be able to use code after the camp is completed. Or, you could use the Code Avengers full curriculum, which they use as sort of a “boot-camp” to get you ready for a job in the computer science world. 

21. Coursera 

With Coursera, you have plenty of options for coding, with professional and versatile course options. This is one the best online website to learn coding for free, because the site has a large online course library, and the courses are taught by university professors. You also have the option to pursue an actual degree or just a Fast Track certificate. Coursera also has an app that is available in the Apple App store or the Google Play store. This means that you can download the app to your Smartphone and you will be able to get your coursework accomplished from anywhere that you are. This also means that you will be able to do your work on your own time, making it fit into your schedule. You will also receive live instruction from you teachers and work on your projects with your global classmates from all around the world. 

22. Hackr.io 

This is a great list of programming resources that are community-curated. You can search for the language of code that you would like to learn, and you will see a list of online courses, books recommended by many already certified coders. The courses that they recommend may not be free, but there are so many options that you should be able to get a free trial from at least one of these. 

23. Ruby in Twenty Minutes 

This online learning tool is just a small dose of learning Ruby. This program is interactive and helps the coder to stay focused on the learning of the code at hand. This hands-on approach is really awesome for those who need to learn Ruby quickly, but are still in the beginning stages of learning how to code. This will put you at the head of the class with learning Ruby. 

24. Dataquest 

This is a hands-on, free coding course that uses data to teach you coding skills. You will build projects right in your computer browser and see how they are worked out in real-time. This is awesome for someone who is looking at doing coding as a job instead of as just a pastime. 

25. Mozilla Developer Network 

This online resource offers free documentation on several different types of coding language, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are many different tutorials for those who are beginners, but they also have tutorials for those who are at a higher level of learning how to code. This is a really great online resource for anyone who wants to start coding. 

26. Watch and Code 

This resource is dedicated to mastering the tasks of JavaScript. This is to help you become as fluent as possible in the building blocks of JavaScript, so that you will be able to code properly in this coding language. Watch and Code has instructor led study sessions that are offered every week to ask any questions that you may have so that you can make sure you are coding the right way. This is a great resource if you are serious about coding JavaScript more often than any other of the coding languages. 

YouTube Channels 

You can also learn to code by watching tutorial videos from YouTubers! Here are some of the best Coders on YouTube and their channels that you can follow! 

27. LearnCode.academy 

This online learning resource is actually a YouTube channel! All of the videos on this channel are dedicated to teaching others how to code. These videos are informative and really easy to understand. They are made by Will Stern, who is really skilled at teaching others the ins and outs of coding. These videos offer free tutorials of all the major types of code including Sublime Text, Responsive Design, Node.js, Backbone.js, Deployment Strategies, and more! 
Subscribers: 514,565 

28. Clever Programmer 

Here is a really great YouTube channel that discusses all thing computer programming all of the time. The Clever Programmer, Qazi, is a skilled coder and is really great at teaching new coders the basic skills of coding. He promises that you will be able to take your coding skills to the next level with new coding tips and tricks. 
Subscribers: 236,353 

29. Derek Banas 

Derek Banas has been teaching learners to code on YouTube since 2008. He has videos that help you learn to code that are focused and are really easy to understand and follow through. These videos are awesome for those learners who like to have a more thorough lesson of coding that just a little snippet of a lesson. This is a really great starting point for a beginner coder, as Banas’ just gives you somewhat of an insight to coding before you personally choose to jump into a bigger curriculum. 
Subscribers: 856,659 

30. CS Dojo 

The YouTube channel was created by YK, who is an avid lover of computer science and a coder for Google. This channel focuses on computer programming and coding, while also giving views videos on how to get coding jobs and helpful ways to answer interview questions. YK teaches codes for Python, Data Structures, and other programming languages. 
Subscribers: 593,198 

31. Coder’s Guide 

Coder’s Guide is a YouTube channel that is created by Neil Rowe. He has been offer free coding tutorials since 2013, and he offers many different tutorials in different types of coding languages. Rowe’s videos can teach you HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, and many others. 
Subscribers: 62,901 

32. The Coding Train 

This YouTube Channel offers free coding tutorials that are focused on creative coding. There are new tutorials posted weekly and they cover various ways to code. From basics to the advanced codes, you will learn the coding languages of JavaScript (with p5.js) and Java (with Processing). This will help you to create your own algorithms like physics simulation, computer visions and other programming techniques. 
Subscribers: 555,496 

33. ProgrammingKnowledge 

Programming Knowledge is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to teaching all of the different code languages that are needed to make awesome and creative projects. This channel has been up and running since 2012 and has various tutorials on several different types of coding. On this channel, you will learn how to code for JavaScript, Android, Python, GitHub and Git, Maven, and many others. There are literally tons of videos on this channel and all of them are really ease to follow. There is a video for just about any code that you can think of. 
Subscribers: 721,479 

34. CodeWithChris 

Chris Ching created this YouTube channel to help people with no computer programming experience be able to build their own apps from scratch and help them get their apps to stores for purchase. His videos are easy to follow and offer step-by-step instructions and offer tips and advice for code beginners. You will learn how to build an app at the end of the very first video with Xcode and Swift. 
Subscribers: 137,781 

35. DevTips 

This YouTube channel offers weekly videos of the development of software, web developing and coding. This tutorials are easy to follow and use some of the most popular code languages such as HTML, CSS, responsive design, and other advice towards developments. 
Subscribers: 298,005 

36. Brackeys 

This YouTube channel is usually specifically for game development, however, there are newer videos of showing how to do code. There are videos for C# and other types of code. These videos are a great way to start to make games that can be played on Windows and Mac software. 
Subscribers: 555,020 

37. thenewboston 

This YouTube channel, created by Bucky Roberts, has several videos to help you learn how to code. This channel has been up and running since 2008, posting multiple videos for computer related tutorials. There are over 4000 videos on this channel that talk about code and the process of coding in general. Bucky teaches you how to use various languages of code including Android development, C programming, Java, Python GUI, iOS development, Bootstrap, CSS, Angular, and several others. This is one of the most popular YouTube channels for coding. You are sure to learn the code that you need with these outstanding and easy to follow videos. 
Subscribers: 2,065,591 

There are several different ways for you to learn how to code online, completely for free. This market of jobs are expanding drastically every day, so much so that coding is starting to make its way into our school systems to let our children experience it firsthand. These online resources are great ways to get a jump start yourself on the next biggest job market available in the computer science world. Check out these resources for yourself and get coding today!

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