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Taking a quiz or a test an excellent way to test your own knowledge of a subject. We believe that our exams are completely fair and require significant knowledge to achieve a perfect score.

PHP Quiz

PHP is one of the most dominant scripting languages on the web because it is essentially free. PHP also has one of the highest rates of new coders compared to other languages because young coders prefer to start in a language that won’t cost them any money. PHP performs well in terms of speed and flexibility, which helps the new coders stick with the language. The PHP quiz is designed to determine if you have understand the fundamentals of PHP. Once you have mastered the basics of the quiz, you should explore using PHP on your own for a little while. When you have finished tinkering with PHP, you might want to consider moving onto database programming languages like SQL, and taking the SQL quiz.

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PHP Tests and Exams

We currently only provide a standard PHP quiz that isn’t exactly a professional testing mechanism. This means that if you are trying to test someone’s PHP knowledge this exam is not for you. It does provide an excellent overview of PHP, but it is intended for self-development. However in the future, we might integrate a testing system into After Hours Programming, but we are not currently working towards that goal. For now, we have created a simple practice test to check your understanding of PHP.

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