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It’s Python quiz time. You have finally finished our current tutorials for Python. No worries, more tutorials are still being developed, but for now, we have to rest. I would first like to congratulate you on working through those tutorials. Your dedication to learning a new language like Python is impressive, but you might be wondering exactly what you learned or how well you paid attention. That is precisely why we have crafted a quiz. The questions that compose this quiz are designed to test if you understand the basics of Python, but it will not quiz advanced topics. However, this quiz is probably the beginning of a series of quizzes for each tutorial category.

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Currently, we only have a standard quiz that is not intended to be a professional test. There is a possibility to integrate a testing system into After Hours Programming, but we are not actively working towards that goal at the moment. For now, we have created a simple quiz to check your understanding of Python. Good luck and I hope you enjoyed our Python tutorial. Please contact us if you would like more Python tutorials.

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  1. wow, thank you SO MUCH, I’m a total beginner, and also english isn’t my native language, so when I looked at other tutorials, I had problems with understanding and getting the point. But with this one I understood almost everything, expect classes:P

  2. The author is genuinely passionate about teaching python. Thanks a lot for this wonderful introduction. We would love to see more content (with sample exercises maybe?). 🙂

  3. Brilliant quiz! The tutorials really explain in a clear concise way the processes involved in utilising Python script. I chanced the quiz following reading about Formatting & nailed a score of 80, I couldnt be more motivated to hit 100 right now!

  4. Very good for beginners, good style of writing too! Only improvement I can think of is if there is information about third party modules and what popular ones there are out there 🙂


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