JavaScript is written into an HTML document in 2 ways:

  • Using: <script type=”text/JavaScript”> Where you would embed your code here </script>
  • Or referencing it kind of like an external CSS: <script type=”text/JavaScript” src=”myJavaScript.js”></script>

Below is a very simple HTML Skeleton with our JavaScript embedded using the first method.


Below is how the above code would look in a browser.


My First JavaScript Code


First, let’s break down document.write(“<p>Hello!</p>”) JavaScript is a Object Based Programming Language. So, in the example above document is the object. In JavaScript, an object followed by a . , such as document. , is an indication that a method or an property will follow. (Also, some programmers often refer to properties as attributes.)

The write here is actually one of the document‘s methods. Methods generally have arguments, and in this case, the <p>Hello!</p> is the argument.

Now let’s understand an object’s property.




JavaScript Object Properties

In this example, you can see that we use the document’s property, document.location, as an argument for the method, document.write. The document.location is equal to , but since it was in the method document.write, it actually wrote that to the DOM so that we could see it.


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  1. It doesn’t teach you much. It should have more examples where the thing we are learning is highlighted so I know what to loo at. Needs some more work.

  2. Mabye you should teach the user the language the way they do it on Khan Academy and then teach them how to put it in webpages.

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