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Javascript Overview Tutorial

JavaScript Tutorial

The JavaScript tutorial explains how JavaScript works and how developers can harness its power.

JavaScript works on the Client Side (on the user's computer).

How JavaScript works

The primary purpose of JavaScript is to provide a better experience for the user. It manipulates the objects within the HTML document. The objects and HTML elements collectively form what we call the Document Object Model (DOM). We will get into XHTML and XML later, but for now, we are going to use JavaScript with the HTML document and Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS).

A little bit of history on JavaScript. Netscape Communications Corporation invented JavaScript back in 1995. Many different languages (from C to Python) influenced the syntax and structure of JavaScript. JavaScript is arguably one of the most flexible languages ever created. However, JavaScript is one of those languages that people claim to know, but have absolutely no idea how complex JavaScript can get. We won't dive super far into JavaScript, but we will build a fundamental base for you.

What exactly does JavaScript do?

It allows programming to be performed without server interaction.

It can respond to events, such as button clicks.

It can validate data before sending out a request.

It can adjust an HTML document for special effects

It can create cookies! Cookies can be used to store and retrieve information from the user's computer.


Try testing your code with the code simulator!

Let's move on to some more tutorials or the next section!

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