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After Hours Programming teaches you the fundamentals of web development and not just programming. You will learn how to create amazing websites through programming and design tutorials. The web development tutorials on your left are designed for you to move through them in order to have an overall understanding of web design and development.

Recent Web Development Tutorials

While I personally have a favorite Python editor, I’ll try to go through several editors. I believe that someone out there should start packing Python with a better default editor as it makes coding in Python much more difficult than it should be. At the bare minimum, you should be using Notepad++ over the default Python editor. You will still ...

Now that you have studied some object oriented programming and know a good deal of Python, we should look to how you can apply this knowledge to web programming. Previously, we discussed that you could use Python to simply print the html that you wanted. Printing out your entire webpage with Python is horrendous and difficult to maintain. Sure, you ...

After you have finished learning the basics of JavaScript, you should invest time in learning some of the popular frameworks in JavaScript. Before I get into my recommendation for frameworks you should learn, let me actually explain what a framework is. Previously, we just learned about jQuery, which is an addition to the JavaScript language once you include it. A ...

In the last decade, we have witnessed the internet turn into the most powerful social medium the world has ever seen. With more players and more information each and every second, it is very difficult for new websites to gain attention and more difficult for old websites to stay on top. Back in the old days, the most respected man ...

Getting backlinks to your website generally helps your website's SEO. However, there is a massive difference between a link that says "Click Here" and "SEO Tutorials". Another important difference of websites linking into yours is the quality of those websites. If you have a website with a PageRank of 8 linking to you, it is typically better than a website ...


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